Today is our Lydia's 3rd birthday. Three years ago just after the daylight savings time change (if she had been born an hour earlier, she would have been born at exactly the same time), this sweet little girl entered our life. 

After about 18 months of "terrible twos," we're ready for this milestone. Now we'll see if she will really do all the things she said she'd do "when I'm three."

Lydia's favorite Disney character is Ariel, from the Little Mermaid. You'll see and hear that in the video. There's a picture of her hugging Ariel at Disneyland, taken just after she said, "You're my favorite." In the video clip at the beginning of the slideshow, Lydia isn't really directing a fanfare—she's really singing "O Jesus Christ, Your Manger Is". But it works. Happy Birthday, Ariel Lydia!

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