WELSTech Podcast

A number of weeks ago, I did an interview for the WELSTech podcast, which is produced by our Synod's Technology office. The episode with the interview was released today.

The interview was about how the iPhone can be used as a tool for ministry. I had written a little about that here some months back. Follow the link above or click on the picture to read about or listen to the episode.

I would like to say that is was a privilege to talk about this topic. Many of you know that I'm always happy to talk about Apple hardware and software. I would also like to welcome any new readers who found their way here through this podcast. 

2 thoughts on “WELSTech Podcast”

  1. It makes me think of the various ways I’ve used my ipod—and now iPhone—for ministry-related applications. I’ve used the iPod extensively during VBS for playing the songs from the CD. I use the iPhone to play music (usually hymns) before Bible Class while people are gathering. I’ve used the iPhone to play samples of music to introduce songs to choir. That’s not to mention all the ways I use it to personally grow by listening to podcasts, new music, old music, etc.

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