I realized yesterday that some of you may have not have heard the news.

Large_211217Pastor Janke has decided to decline nomination as district president at this summer’s district convention. Since I was originally assigned to St. Peter as a pastoral assistant to the district president, obviously, it means change for us.  Since that news was announced, Pastor Janke also received a call to serve at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Jefferson, WI.

So while I know that things will change around here, I have no idea how. It’s possible that we might both continue to serve here. One of us might take a call elsewhere. Both of us could take a call. In any case, it will mean change.

But I don’t even attempt to know which path would be better or which I would prefer. At this point in time, I have one Call, and that is to serve as pastor at St. Peter. And since that is the case, there is nothing else I would rather do. Ever since I have been here, I have understood that things would likely not stay the same for very long. Until that point, all I will do is to continue to serve as faithfully as possible in this vocation.

For several years, I have found this prayer to be helpful to me in so many situations. This is no exception. I have the german prayer framed by the door to my study. It’s from a lecture by C.F.W. Walther, given to future pastors, and recorded in the book The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel. Roughly translated… (I don’t have the translation with me. I think the quote is around page 70 of the English.)

O, my dear Lord Jesus, you are mine, therefore I wish to be yours. Everything that I do and have, my body and soul, my abilities and gifts, my entire life should be consecrated to you, to you alone. Lay upon me whatever you wish, and I will gladly bear it. Lead me always, through pain or joy, through fortune or misfortune, lead me through shame or honor, through people’s favor or their disfavor, lead me through a long life, or should I die an early death: I will rejoice in it all. Only go before me, I will follow you!

2 thoughts on “Call”

  1. Ah, the prayer from the 10th lecture (pg. 77-78 in English)! I still have the copy of the same German prayer from our days at MLC. It now hangs above my dresser so I see it every morning.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve meditated on that prayer and been reminded how the Lord gets us “durch” it all. It’s always amazing to look back and see how the Lord has never failed.
    As always, the Lord will see you “durch” this as well! Our prayers are with you, Pastor Janke and your flock!

  2. The german prayer made me think of one of my favorite hymns…”Take My Life and Let it Be” Only God knows what’s in store for you and he will guide you through any decisions or changes. Please keep us posted as things change for you. My prayers are with you as you make future decisions.

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