Seminary Chorus

I’ve received a number of comments on the recording of the Seminary men singing the Agnus Dei. One of the reasons I posted that clip was to give a preview of what we’re going to have here on Easter Sunday, when the Seminary Chorus is going to be in Modesto for Easter Sunday. They will be here as a part of their tour of Nevada and California.

Some people have commented that this was just what they needed—especially on a busy Wednesday in Lent. It brought me back to those lenten Wednesdays at Sem when I lived up in Kewaskum, about a 40 minute drive from school. Classes went from 7:30am to 12:30pm, when we would quickly eat lunch in the cafeteria. I would then drive up to West Bend to work until about 4:00, then rush home so that I could teach catechism to a couple 6th graders at St. Lucas. As soon as that was done I had to get back in the car and drive down to some church in the Milwaukee where the Seminary Chorus was singing for a 7:00 service. When I finally got home around 9:00 it was time to get started on preparing for another day of classes.

Chorus2Those were long days, but I remember how much I appreciated being able to sing with that group. The songs we sang were, I assume, encouraging and edifying to the people of those congregations. But the message of Scripture carried by those songs was encouraging and edifying to me, and it was just what I needed on those long days of Lent.

The first time I heard the Seminary Chorus was in high school. The year was 1995. That spring was also the last time the choir toured California, but they also made a stop in Minnesota at my home congregation. As a sophomore in high school I was already on track towards the pastoral ministry. I was in my second year of Latin and knew exactly what I needed to be ready for MLC. But hearing the Seminary Chorus in concert solidified my desires and made me look forward to wearing those blue robes.

Humanly speaking, the Seminary Chorus had a large part in my becoming a pastor. It sparked the interest in a curious high schooler, encouraged a busy seminarian, and I’m looking forward to next Sunday when I pray they will again encourage a Californian congregation as they celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

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