The Way of the Baptized

A Christian is a person who begins to tread the way from this life to heaven the moment he is baptized, in the faith that Christ is henceforth the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And he holds to this way until his end. He is always found on this way and is led into the truth to obtain life, as one who already sees the shore where he is to land. He is prepared at all times, whether death comes today, tomorrow, or in one, two, or ten years; for in Christ he has already been transported to the other side. We cannot be safe from death for a minute; in Baptism all Christians begin to die, and they continue to die until they reach the grave.

–Martin Luther, on John 14:6 (LW 24, p. 51)

3 thoughts on “The Way of the Baptized”

  1. Hi Pastor – I love this – I find great comfort and assurance in it. But one line is bugging me: “we cannot be safe from death for a minute..” This confuses me – what is the intent of that line. I thought the whole point was to say we are safe “in” death because we are alive in Christ through Baptism. So does that line mean to say we are NOT EXEMPT from death perhaps?????

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