Faithful Unto Death

Here are a few photos of my Grandpa’s confirmation certificate, which I was privileged to receive and just recently had framed. I was thinking of him today, 13 years after his death.  I think of confirmation somewhat differently now that I am the one doing the instruction in catechesis and asking the questions at Confirmation. Everyone answers the questions, and the answers are all the same: “Yes, I believe. Yes, I do so intend with the help of God.” Every member of our congregations at one time or another answered questions like that. But I have seen very different results. Some keep their word. Others do not.  I see those who say they believe in Jesus but then separate themselves from him and his Word. And I see those who abide in Jesus and his Word. And I get to see the fruit that grows.

On Grandpa’s certificate are Jesus’ words: “Whoever remains in me and I in him, he bears much fruit. Without me, you can do nothing.” I can’t help being grateful for the fruit which came as a result of at least one man who kept his word at his confirmation, who remained in Jesus and His Word. I consider it a fruit of his faith that allowed Jesus’ Word to come also to me, that I might also remain in Him and His Word to me.

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