Agnus Dei Video

A couple years ago I posted an audio clip of the men of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary singing the Agnus Dei during Lent. This evening I added a few pictures to the audio and I post it here for your devotional use this holy week.

A couple notes about some of the photos in the video:

  • The stained glass image of Christ as priest and king used to be in the Seminary chapel, before it was remodeled my senior year. The window was in the front and center of the chancel, so it was a place students’ eyes naturally focused during songs like this.
  • The photos of the processional cross from the Seminary chapel were taken by Pr. Caleb Bassett.
  • The altar with the bound lamb is in the new chapel at Martin Luther College.
  • For more information about the Cranach painting of Christ, see Pr. Paul McCain’s blog.
  • The final photo is our Paschal Candle here at Trinity, taken at Easter last year.

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