Voice of the Pastors

For there will always be some who will suffer these temptations. They should be cheered up and strengthened by the voice of the pastors in this manner: “In like manner, have confidence, my son; believe that you have been baptized, that you have been pastured and fed in the Lord’s Supper and absolved by the laying on of hands, not mine, but God’s, who has said to you: ‘I forgive you your sins; I promise you eternal life.’ ”

Martin Luther, Lectures on Genesis (LW 6, p. 132).

1 thought on “Voice of the Pastors”

  1. I remember when God laid His hands on you at your baptism. Your life has been tied up since then with your Savior, Jesus the Christ. As I will soon leave the full time ministry, it is good for these old eyes to see bright young strong men in both the teaching and the preaching ministry. May God continue to bless you and your work!

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