New House

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When we moved to El Paso, we purposefully looked for a house that we could rent for a little while (with a 6 month lease) until we found a home to purchase. Well, it looks like that time has come and that we’ve found our home. We weren’t expecting to purchase a brand new home, and we weren’t really expecting things to move this quickly, but we’re really happy we found this and the timing seems to be just about right.

The house is a year old, but has never been lived in. It is 2 story, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2266 square feet. The house seems to be just about the right size for us. It is located just about a mile from where we are now, so it is roughly a mile further from church.

We’re looking to close within the next three weeks. Moving during Lent sounds a little crazy to me, but I’m very excited to get into the new house.

4 thoughts on “New House”

  1. Pretty nice! I’m from the North East and have never been in TX. Is that what lawns look like down there? Is that a tumble weed or an armadillo I see in the backyard!!! Enjoy.

  2. The builder is going to put landscaping in the front and back. Most homes in El Paso have rock in the front and (some) grass in the back. That’s probably what we’ll have.
    When we walked up to the house the first time, there was a big tumbleweed in the front yard.

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