One of the reasons excuses for the infrequency of my blog posts recently is that when I am home in the evening (especially after the kids are in bed), I have been trying to get some reading done. Actually, I've been pushing hard to read through a number of books for several months now. You might have noticed that I have a running list on the blog (right column, "Recent Reading") of the last ten books that I have read. In a way, keeping that list has kept me going. All of those books were read in the last six months. Many of the books have links to Amazon where you can buy them. If I thought the book was really good, it might have made it to my "Recommended Books" list (also on the right column).

But another thing is that I have a stack of books in my study at church that I intend to read, and there are some really good books in the "queue" but I'm forcing myself to read them in the order that added them. The other motivating factor is that the queue is growing faster than I can read. I got several books as Christmas gifts, and it might be May before I get to them. We'll see.

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