Yesterday we went with the kids to explore a little of New Mexico. We drove up to Alamogordo, which is about an hour and a half northeast from here. There we found a nice playground, a model train ride, and a zoo. From there we drove to the White Sands National Monument and got to see and play in the sand a little. It was quite a hot day, so we couldn't do as much as we would have liked. We'll have to go back that way sometime when the weather is a little more comfortable. This was the last chance we'll have to take day trips like this for a while, since Hannah starts school on Monday. If you want to see more pictures from the day, take a look at our album on Picasa or MobileMe. I'm writing this from my phone, so I'll come back later and add links to the sites.

3 thoughts on “Alamogordo”

  1. We went to White Sands last time we were in El Paso visiting my in-laws. Neat place! Once you’re in Alamogordo, it’s not too much further to go up into the mountains to Cloudcroft/Ruidoso. That area is just beautiful. The summer greenery is a nice change from El Paso, and in winter you can find real snow.

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