On the Move

I've been meaning to write an update on the progress of our move and our travels this week. It's been a crazy week. Here are a few highlights:

  • My final sermon at St. Peter was on Sunday May 25. After services was the church picnic and a farewell for us.
  • Hard goodbyes all week long
  • The moving trailer arrived on Wednesday and we loaded it up on Thursday. I'm very thankful to those who helped us load.
  • We spent Friday cleaning the house and getting ready to go.
  • On Saturday we drove to my sister Becca's in Corona, CA. We stayed at her place and went with her to church on Sunday.
  • Sunday we drove to Phoenix, AZ and spent the night at my aunt and uncle's.
  • Monday we flew to Milwaukee and made our way to Watertown where we are getting ready for Rachel's (Sara's sister) wedding. 
  • Next week we'll be back in Phoenix for the Arizona-California District Convention, after which we'll make our way to El Paso. 

Our trailer is now parked in front of our new home in El Paso. The plan is for some members of Trinity to unload the contents of the trailer into the house. I'm very appreciative of that, considering our travel schedule. But I don't envy those who have the job of unloading it all (though it must be easier to unload than to load). I particular appreciate those who move my 24 boxes of books. Those were not light boxes. Before I packed it all up I measured 24 feet of bookshelf space for my library.

It's a little strange to travel, knowing that all our belongings are loaded into a trailer (except what we have with us). But it's also a nice little reminder that all of that is just "stuff" and is not our life. 

I haven't taken a lot of pictures so far this week, but I'll post what I do take to this web album. If you want to receive updates when I add new pictures to the album, subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the "Subscribe" button and adding the address to your newsreader.

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