El Paso

Some of you may have heard already, but for those who haven’t…

I have decided to accept the call to serve at Trinity in El Paso, Texas. Now my mind is swimming with all the things to think about and decide as I prepare to leave Modesto and St. Peter. I’ll just say it’s going to be a challenging month to come. Right now I won’t go into all the things that I’m going to miss about this place—maybe later.

At the same time though, I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead of us in El Paso. And I won’t go into all of that now, either, but I should have plenty of time to do that later on.

Speaking of writing, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post here more regularly now that my decision is made. I started a few things in the past weeks, but never could get them finished. But I’ll be back at it soon. I’ll keep you up to date on our plans. I’ll write about some things I’ve been working on. Hopefully, I’ll also have some new readers from El Paso in the coming months.

2 thoughts on “El Paso”

  1. Pastor,
    Lord’s blessings as you prepare for your transition. I’m sure it will be a very intense time, with lots of emotions. I hope you’ll be blogging from Texas.

  2. Pastor – God bless as you move to Texas. I’m sure you will be missed, but the Lord will continue to oversee his flock.
    (Seminary Easter brass player)

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