What a Week

Over the past week or so there have been so many things that would have been worth writing about, but with everything going on I just didn’t have the time or attention to do it. What I’m going to do now is just make a list of all the activity. If you need more info on any of these, leave a comment.

  • Sudden cancellation of Issues, etc. This was a good, Lutheran radio show that I listened to via podcast. The situations surrounding the show’s cancellation are mysterious, to say the least. It has sparked a great deal of controversy among those who listened to the show. I’ll miss listening to it; I hope something comes along to take its place.
  • Maundy Thursday, stripping of the altar, Psalm 88
  • Good Friday Service of Darkness, Psalm 22, Psalm 51, Isaiah 55 (Quaerite Dominum…), Lord, let at last your angels come…
  • Drive to San Jose to pick up Seminarians (Saturday), getting lost in San Jose, late night…
  • Sunrise Service, beginning outside at sunrise, Seminary brass quartet, Paschal candle, choir, Psalm 118…
  • Seminary Chorus concert: edifying and refreshing, memories from my years in the chorus came flooding back, good to see and talk with the men…
  • Easter Monday, catch-up on things waiting until after Easter, Stockton Children’s Museum, sick calls…
  • Call deliberations continue: calling, discussing, thinking, praying…

By Rev. Johann Caauwe

I am a Lutheran pastor in El Paso, TX.

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