Signs of Peace

This morning during Sunday School I asked the high school class to go around and take pictures of things that remind them of or symbolize peace. The lesson this morning was the presentation of Jesus in the temple, when Simeon, after seeing his Savior, asks the Lord to allow him to depart in peace. We spent the hour talking about the peace that Jesus came to bring, and that, just like Simeon, we see our peace and salvation in Christ—even in his lowliness. For it is in his lowliness that he comes to save. We connected that thought to the places where we see God’s salvation—his Word and Sacraments. As lowly as those things are, there we see God’s salvation, because that is where he has promised to come to us.

These pictures are the best of the pictures they came back with. Some of them were a bit far-fetched, but these were actually very good. Some of them depict very different kinds of peace, but some get right to the heart of true peace, and where we find it.

If the slideshow does not appear below, click this link.

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