Children’s Books

We have a lot of books at home. Lots of kids books. And naturally, we also have our share of Christian children’s books—mainly Bible story books. The USA Today had an article on these kind of books a couple days ago. I thought that it made some very interesting observations, which we might forget sometimes. Consider this: "every Bible storybook reflects a certain theology" (Ted Olsen, managing editor of Christianity Today). Unfortunately, much of the Christian children’s literature widely available today reflects a theology that is not in line with the message of the Bible. I’ve noticed these very things in so many of the books that are in the stores or that have come into our home one way or another.

Some of them simply miss the real point of the Bible stories (For example, the feeding of the five thousand: "A boy shares his lunch" Is that really the point?). Or they focus so much on what we are supposed to do and give very little emphasis to what Jesus did for us.

So here’s my suggestion: If you are buying Bible books for children, please read them first. If you aren’t sure what to look for, ask your pastor to show you. A very good series of books for children is the one mentioned in the article, the Arch Books series from CPH. They’re inexpensive and generally, very well written.

Also, here is a link to a radio segment dedicated to children’s bible story books.
"Christian Children’s Books" on KFUO

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts on childen’s books. I agree. Sometimes we simplify Bible stories down so much that they lose their deep and significant meaning, not just to children but to us as adults as well. Bible stories are filled with challenges which can, at time, make us uncomfortable. Reading them we realize that living as a Christian requires courage, lots of work and a tremendous amount of faith. Thankfully we’re not alone as we try to live as Christ would have us live.

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