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Accompany Them with Singing

The Apostolic Constitutions are a series of 4th century documents that give insight into the early Christian church. In it, Christians were instructed, “In the funerals of the departed, accompany them with singing, if they were faithful in Christ” (6.30.2). It has … Continue reading

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Lutheran Public Radio – Music for the World

I’ve been listening to this whenever I can. Check it out! The reformer Martin Luther had this to say about the Holy Spirit, God’s Word and music: The Holy Ghost himself honors music as an instrument for his proper work … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again

I have made it my practice to read through the Book of Concord in its entirety every other year, during the summer. Two years ago I posted an encouragement for others to read along with me using a schedule that … Continue reading

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Lutherans Confess from Generation to Generation

Here’s a great video and post from Paul McCain’s Cyberbrethren blog: Confessing the Faith…Through All Generations – In Honor of Lutheran Schools Week (Featuring Lyle Lovett) Here is a beautiful YouTube video of the reading of the Nicene Creed which … Continue reading

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A Faithful God—From Generation to Generation

The story goes in my family that my great-grandmother, Anna Schindeldecker Linkert (pictured right), sang to her mother as she was dying. According to the story, she sang the stanzas of Johann Heerman’s hymn, O Gott, du frommer Gott (O … Continue reading

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Professor Daniel Deutschlander often told his students that every Lutheran pastor should read Martin Chemnitz’ Examination of the Council of Trent (at least the first volume) every now and then—just to ensure that he is still a Lutheran. A couple … Continue reading

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A Prayer

A Prayer, when a person wants to go to the confessional and desires Holy Absolution. “Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer! You have bequeathed to your dear church here on earth, and to her faithful servants, the holy office of the keys with its attached promise that the same thing which is bound and loosed here, should … Continue reading

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