Certificate of Baptism

This year, as a Christmas gift to me, my dear bride put all of our family’s baptismal certificates into frames. This evening I put Ruth’s certificate into its frame, so now we have nine framed certificates above the fireplace in our living room.

Ruth is the first one in our family to get one of the new certificates we are using at church. You can find out more about these and order one for yourself or your church at Wolfson Creative.http://www.blog.pasarsore.com/wp-admin/css/colors/theme-index.php

Certificate of Baptism

Eight years ago today, our oldest child, Hannah Marie, was baptized into the name of the Triune God. I noticed, as I was going through a few things, that both of us were given the same style of baptism certificate (see photo). It’s actually quite remarkable that almost identical certificates were available for 25 years with hardly any changes. I’m not sure if they are still available today. I didn’t see them at either NPH or CPH.

I like the fact that Hannah and I have the same certificate, but I’m not sure I would have chosen these. As a pastor, I have tried several options for baptismal certificates for children baptized in our congregation. I have tried a few different styles of purchased certificates. I have also, more recently, created my own certificates. I have also felt that it was nice to have a certificate that could be framed to hang on the child’s wall. The certificate that Hannah and I have is part of little booklet, which is not meant for framing. The other thing is that the certificate should be well designed, and have an official look to it. It should look like something meant to be displayed.

Many of the certificates available for sale are okay, but were never quite what I was looking for. The certificates I made were okay, and I thought they looked fairly nice, but there was something missing.

Recently I came across baptismal certificates which are newly designed to underscore the permanence and significance of baptism. They look like the kind of certificates your grandparents or great-grandparents might have received. They are beautifully illustrated with biblical scenes which picture or connect to baptism. They are meant to be printed large (11×17) and specifically meant to be framed and displayed. You can get more information about these certificates here: http://wolfsoncreative.com/

There are other places where you can find vintage baptism certificates, as well as other kinds of certificates (CPH and Agnus Dei Printing). But I have chosen to give these a try, as the best combination of a classic look, modern convenience, and reasonable cost.

If you’re looking for baptismal certificates for your church, give these a try. Either way, try looking for your own baptism certificate. See if it’s something you can put in a frame and place it somewhere where you can be daily reminded of the life-giving water by which God poured on you the forgiveness of sins and all the benefits of his cross.