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Indeed, it is more incredible that He who is eternal should die than that you who are mortal should live eternally. If you believe what is more incredible, how could you doubt the other?  –Johann Gerhard, Handbook of Consolations

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Lutherans Confess from Generation to Generation

Here’s a great video and post from Paul McCain’s Cyberbrethren blog: Confessing the Faith…Through All Generations – In Honor of Lutheran Schools Week (Featuring Lyle Lovett) Here is a beautiful YouTube video of the reading of the Nicene Creed which … Continue reading

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Certificate of Baptism

This year, as a Christmas gift to me, my dear bride put all of our family’s baptismal certificates into frames. This evening I put Ruth’s certificate into its frame, so now we have nine framed certificates above the fireplace in … Continue reading

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Lutheran Education

In his recent book, Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future, Dr. Thomas Korcok examines the history of Lutheran schools, starting with Luther and the other Wittenberg reformers and ending with a discussion of how Lutheran schools today best make … Continue reading

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