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“You said”

It’s encouraging when an eighth grade confirmation student repeats–nearly word for word–a little piece of advice given the previous year. Perhaps they listen more than I realize.

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Time for Catechesis

I just realized that, right now, I am spending eight hours each week teaching catechism or Bible Information Class. I have three different BIC classes going, as well as our regular LES catechism and our public school confirmation class. For … Continue reading

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September 1999–September 2009

I guess that makes it 10 years ago that Grandpa Linkert entered glory. September 3, 1999. I don’t know that I thought about it much when the actual day came earlier this month, but I have had several opportunities to … Continue reading

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Anniversary Slideshow

For tomorrow’s anniversary celebration, I put together a slideshow of pictures that people brought to me. I ended up including around 100 pictures—of the pastors, fellowship events, school activities, confirmations, etc. Anniversary Slideshow The music is from the album The … Continue reading

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Not Unto Us

On Sunday morning, our school kids will be singing a couple stanzas of Kurt Eggert’s hymn, “Not Unto Us” (CW 392). Our kids have been practicing it both at school and at home. This evening while the kids were singing … Continue reading

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EP Times

This morning the El Paso Times ran an article about Trinity and our 40th anniversary celebration. The article made mention of this blog, so I wanted to say “welcome” to any visitors who find their way here as a result … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Catechism

This week our new stained glass windows at church were installed. This project has been in the works for almost a year. And I understand that the congregation always intended to put in stained glass windows someday. The church was … Continue reading

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Morning Prayers

I’m always impressed by the way the sunlight comes into the church in the morning, especially as it streams in through the stained glass and projects crosses on the back of the church. I took this photo this morning as … Continue reading

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And now…WordPress

First Blogger, then Typepad, then iWeb, then RapidWeaver, now WordPress. That’s been my blogging adventure. I’m ready to settle down and get back to writing. I’ve got a new site. It has the same address, but it’s like starting over … Continue reading

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