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What a Week

Over the past week or so there have been so many things that would have been worth writing about, but with everything going on I just didn’t have the time or attention to do it. What I’m going to do … Continue reading

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The Pastor’s Study

Is the room in which the pastor works a study or an office? It’s the place that he has his desk, his library, probably a computer and usually much more. It’s the place that he meets with people, makes phone … Continue reading

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I am baptized

I always enjoy teaching catechism. But there are some days, some moments when it really strikes me what a true privilege and honor it is to open up the Scriptures to these young people and allow them to see the … Continue reading

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#8 — O Dearest Jesus (CW 117)

I’m not sure I can add much to the Lenten hymns that I’m about to add to the list. I’ve already noted those classic themes common to most Lutheran lenten hymns. "It is my sins for which you Lord must … Continue reading

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Call to El Paso, TX

As many of you have already heard, I received a Call to serve as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in El Paso, TX. At this point I don’t have many details, and during this week I will be trying to … Continue reading

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Children’s Hosanna

Yesterday our preschool and kindergarten classes sang in church. Here’s a clip of their song. In Matthew’s account of Palm Sunday, it makes note of the fact that children were present for Jesus’ triumphal entry. And they were participating. In … Continue reading

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I realized yesterday that some of you may have not have heard the news. Pastor Janke has decided to decline nomination as district president at this summer’s district convention. Since I was originally assigned to St. Peter as a pastoral … Continue reading

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Seminary Chorus

I’ve received a number of comments on the recording of the Seminary men singing the Agnus Dei. One of the reasons I posted that clip was to give a preview of what we’re going to have here on Easter Sunday, … Continue reading

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#7 — My loved ones, rest securely (CW 587)

Hannah has been sick the past several days. Friday night Hannah and Andrew were both sick. Andrew seems to have bounced back quickly, but Hannah has taken a little longer. Just a few minutes ago I tucked her into bed … Continue reading

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Agnus Dei

One fond memory I have from the Seminary is the daily chapel services. In particular, I remember singing the Agnus Dei once a week during Lent. We sang it in Latin, usually in four parts. Very often the organist stopped … Continue reading

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