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Accompany Them with Singing

The Apostolic Constitutions are a series of 4th century documents that give insight into the early Christian church. In it, Christians were instructed, “In the funerals of the departed, accompany them with singing, if they were faithful in Christ” (6.30.2). It has … Continue reading

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Remembering a NICU Baptism

I’m looking forward to having lunch with two-year-old Josiah to celebrate his baptism birthday.

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More Stories from Grandpa’s Table

I was going through some of the tapes and wanted to share with you just a few minutes of the audio. In this section, he begins by talking about the crops, and a time “when the corn didn’t grow.” But he … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Story

I used to sit and listen to Grandpa talk. Talk and tell stories. Eventually I got smart enough to bring a tape recorder, and later wrote them down. Today, on his heavenly birthday, I would like to share one of … Continue reading

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Christ’s Church

“We need to immerse ourselves daily in the world of the Word. We need to enter into biblical conceptions. We need to meditate on them, pray about them, attempting to personally absorb them as people seeking salvation. We need to … Continue reading

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VDMA Stickers Continued

Due to popular demand, all of the first batch of stickers I had were spoken for within about 12 hours of publishing my post. I had basically gotten those for free, so I was glad to send them out. But so that … Continue reading

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Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum The Word of the Lord Endures Forever   “Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum is the motto of the Lutheran Reformation, a confident expression of the enduring power and authority of God’s Word. The motto is … Continue reading

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Ten Years

Sir…can anything be greater than to be a pastor in God’s church? —Bo Giertz, The Hammer of God

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Let the morning bring me word…

I used to plug in my phone overnight on the nightstand beside my bed. This was a bad idea. First of all, when my phone, which serves as my alarm clock, would sound early in the morning, it was too … Continue reading

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These are what I’m currently writing with: Pilot G2 Limited (Ink: G2 .5 Black) Pilot Metropolitan, fine nib (Ink: Noodler’s Black)

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